Goodman’s treasure – P4: Exhibition invitation

Program “Noirfoto Group Show: A photographic assembly” July edition, from the 4th of July to the 8th of August 2020.

There will be 2 main events of the program and other activities.
The 2 main events including:
– Exhibition preview event, 26/6/2020 at Hoa Ta Space D7.
– Opening ceremony, 3/7/2020 at Noirfoto D2.

Exhibition duration: 4/7/2020 to 8/8/2020 at Noirfoto D2.

The Preview of ‘Noirfoto Group Show – A Photographic Assembly’  

Facebook event:

This will be a friendly gathering to meet and discuss in person with artists and organizers, especially for those who are unable to join the exhibition Opening event on the Third of July at Noirfoto. There will be a sneak peek of artworks with 1 or 2 items to show from each artist. 

This is an event to officially launch Hoa Ta Space, an art and cultural hub located in Midtown Phu My Hung. 

The place has a permanent collection of artworks, ranging from contemporary digital illustration to traditional Calligraphy. There are also replicas of ancient paintings and bookshelves covered with Art, Photography, Philosophy, Culture and Literature books. Moreover, Hoa Ta plans to frequently organize cultural & artistic events to strengthen a community of artists and art lovers 

We have some light snacks and family friendly drinks to kindly invite everyone to join us in this event. Your participation is meaningful and highly appreciated. 

Opening ceremony of the  ‘Noirfoto Group Show – A Photographic Assembly’ in 7/2020

Facebook event:

The program comprises a photographic exhibition and other activities to promote works of four independent photographers and artists: 

  • Trần Lê Quỳnh Anh, a young visual artist using darkroom techniques to experiment and make pictures with different materials.  
  • Phạm Tuấn Ngọc, a darkroom specialist with skillful techniques to control chemicals, light and other factors to print objects’ image directly on photo paper
  • Danny Bach, a photographer who practice documentary photography for many years as the way to train techniques, initiate self-development and express his ideology
  • Tom Hricko, a fine art photographer, a photography educator, a large format analogue camera and printing consultant with a 40 year career working with many notable organizations all over the world

Coming to the exhibition, you will enjoy the diversity and richness of photography, an art industry that has not been officially recognized in Vietnam. 

  • From traditional documentary photography to alternative photographic processes.
  • From large format analogue film to digital photography
  • From darkroom printing to digital Fine art printing (Giclée printing) 
  • Different types of papers, different materials to produce and preserve prints; 
  • Archival standard, museum quality and the value of investment in photographic art. 

Every item in the exhibition is a result of many years studying and training, combined with exceptional production – carefully selecting from papers to frames in order to achieve perfectionism. We hope that the audience will be able to understand the professionalism, seriousness and efforts of each artist put into their works.

Bringing artworks to the show in these shapes and forms is not only the way the artists define themselves and their photography practices; but also to connect, to share and to spread the values they hold dear to you. That makes us all become closer, renewed and positive. 

Audiences can attend Preview Event, Talkshow, Discussion, as parts of the program, to explore and share your knowledge regarding photography, photographic techniques and practices, the current technology development and photography trading market.