Goodman’s treasure – P3: The official project statement

Hi folks,

This article will introduce the official project statement.

The statement is just words, which can help to direct the perception of the viewers and also convey the ideology of ​​the photo series to the audience.

Without a statement, the images’ contents and meaning remain the same,

Ba Vì, Hà Nội 2020

Goodman’s treasure official statement


is a state of mind


In this busy life, it rarely comes to us as

distractions, others’ expectations and our own desires keep us from enjoying our being.

Our body is here now, yet our mind could be anywhere else.

Goodman’s treasure is a series of images shot when my mind was still and clear. 

When thoughts of daily hassles, worries, and principles were absent.

When taking photos was a natural course of joy – without rush, any bias or particular intentions. 

Those were moments I felt whole and complete. A feeling that gains not from achieving or possessing anything, but from immersing myself to the surroundings with an empty mind to realize and value the beauty of that present. 

They (the images) are precious pieces of memory like a treasure collecting through time. 

Now I bring them to share with you, 

Hope to share the tranquillity and purity I have been to,

Hope you can find a connection to generate positive feelings and spirit, thus, to see life more enjoyable and fulfilled.  

Danny Bach – 07/2020

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