Kinh Wave’s Side Story: A Few Film Photos

Although the majority of Kinh Wave’s photos were taken with a digital camera, there were times I still tried to bring along a film camera to take pictures. Only two photos from this film collection were added to the book, and the rest will be shared here. I am passionate about slide film photography, and all the color photos were taken with Fujifilm Provia 100F, but I can’t remember the name of the black and white film used. The equipment used was the Fujifilm 690III and Mamiya RZ67Pro. Black and white film photos Color slide film photos

An ideal portrait session: Jeff – a tractor collector

In 2016, I carried out a portrait project of collectors (now part of the Documentary Portrait series). The first subject I photographed was Jeff, a tractor collector. Jeff lived about 150 kms from Melbourne and owned a farm with livestock and poultry. Jeff’s hobby was collecting tractors and engines, which was passed down to him by his father along with a collection of hundreds of tractors and engines from all over Australia. I met Jeff and got to know him before scheduling a photoshoot on a suitable day. On the day of the shoot, Jeff took me on a tour …

Kinh Wave Side Story: Washing Clothes by the High Stream

At this time, the photobook project Kinh Wave: Làn sóng phát triển (The waves of development) has been completed and is in the preparation stage for release. This is one of many small stories I collected during the process of preparing the Kinh Wave book. These stories were not mentioned in the book, but they have brought me many emotions, so I decided to share them on my personal blog, please follow. One day wandering around in Sín Chải village, I came across two babies standing waiting for their parents, and only after asking did I know that the whole …

An ideal portrait photo shoot: Dinner at Michael Balderstone’s

Dear folks, I would like to tell you about one of the most memorable portrait photo sessions in my photography career: It was a dinner at Michael Balderstone’s, excerpted from the photobook Nimbin – Home for the Healing Souls (2016). Michael Balderstone is an unofficial leader of the town of Nimbin. He is also the chairman of the HEMP Party and the leader of the Hemp Embassy. During the day, Michael is often busy, with his bare feet moving around the town to deal with HEMP Party and Nimbin community affairs. I was invited by Michael to have dinner at …

Web series: Mỳ trong giang hồ

Thuở giãn cách COVID 2021, có lẽ là thời gian hoạt động tích cực nhất của những động vật sống xung quanh Hoa Ta. Từ những chú rắn mối, chàng hiu hay những chú gián đều tìm được những giây phút thư giãn trong không gian sống nhân tạo. Không chỉ có vậy, lũ sáo bò, chim cu và chim sẻ, chim bồ câu, thậm chí cả gia đình chuột cũng chia nhau ăn cơm thừa do con người viện trợ. Đôi sáo bò tinh nhuệ. Trong đám lông vũ, đôi sáo bò có lẽ là tinh nhuệ nhất, chúng …

Collectors Portraits 2016

Hi folks, In 2016, when it was the final term of my photography program at RMIT Melbourne, I chose to do a portrait project to use for my final portfolio. I chose the main theme of the portrait series to be about collectors. Perhaps the inspiration for this photo series was from my dad, who is an enthusiast of mechanical machinery, especially those for clocks. Currently, he owns hundreds of large and small mechanical clocks.

Tho Ha village 2014

The photo series about Tho Ha village in 2014 begins with a quest to re-discover Vietnam after a long time living away from home.

Treasure hunters 2014

Hi folks, Van Phuc flea market located in Ha Dong was established about 10 years ago. This place has a wide collection of antiques from around the world. Since its opening, the market has always been crowded and bustling. The items on sale are extremely varied, from Soviet period lighters, Indochina paintings, old clothes to bronze statues, luxury copper lamps from the West.

Street Life of Hà Đông 2013-2015 collection

This is a collection of street photos taken in my hometown, Ha Dong, in 2013-2015. The place I was born has become too foreign to me, partly due to the rapid urbanization process. The rest is because I’ve been away from home for too long.