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Danny Bach

In terms of personal interests, I have a passion for photography and the Red River Civilization study, with the Three Teachings (Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism) as my guiding principles.

  • I study Confucianism to learn how to interact with others in society
  • I study Taoism to understand how to deal with myself
  • I study Buddhism to seek harmony with all things

In terms of expertise, I am a photographer, a digital printing specialist, and a content writer.

As a photographer, I specialize in portrait photography and documentary both commissions and artistic images in the form of prints and photo books.

In the field of printing, I am the founder of VG-Lab printing studio (since 2017), and a co-founder of the East Asia Art Painting brand (since 2017)

Additionally, I am also the owner of Hoa Ta Gallery (since 2022), specializing in the trade of Asian art pieces ranging from photography to calligraphy and a few things in between.

If you have any ideas related to any of the mentioned topics, feel free to email me at