Hà Đông: my home town

Since I picked up the camera, I have always had a special affection for a place, a place I call hometown – Ha Dong.

For me, returning to Ha Dong after going away is like discovering a new place. The urban appearance changes sometimes every week or every month. The familiar roads in Ha Dong have become strange for a while, now I feel much more familiar with it, perhaps I am getting used to the speed of development of Ha Dong.

This set of photos belongs to many photos I made for Ha Dong. So that we can all have more opportunities to face the image of Ha Dong as leisurely as possible 🙂


Vertical residences are a popular solution for urban living. They include apartments, condos, and mixed-use developments with elevators, parking, and shared recreational areas. They’re attractive because they’re close to work, city amenities, and have great views.

In Vietnam, the shift towards urbanization has brought about changes in land use goals, particularly in regions like Ha Dong district in Hanoi (formerly Ha Dong city). This district serves as the gateway to the capital city and has witnessed a significant increase in vertical migration alongside rapid urbanization. The transformation of Ha Dong’s landscape has resulted in the conversion of agricultural fields and village houses into modern urban spaces.

A typical example of population growth can be taken over the three-decade period from 1975 to 2009, the population density has increased from 3,588 people per square kilometer to 4,611 people per square kilometer. Compared to a period of just over a decade, population density has skyrocketed to 8,900 people per square meter by 2022 (According to Hà Đông geography), showing the extent of the impact of urbanization.

The rise of vertical residence has significantly influenced Vietnam’s modern culture and society, as it reshapes the physical landscape and transforms human life in this new era. The rapid escalation in urban population density is expected to intensify the demands on resources and trigger further social changes.

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