Treasure hunters 2014

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Van Phuc flea market located in Ha Dong was established about 10 years ago. This place has a wide collection of antiques from around the world. Since its opening, the market has always been crowded and bustling. The items on sale are extremely varied, from Soviet period lighters, Indochina paintings, old clothes to bronze statues, luxury copper lamps from the West.

Van Phuc flea market becomes more bustling at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of the monthly Lunar calendar, when traders from everywhere bring goods to the market.

In addition to antiques, the market is also famous for many beautiful ornamental plants.

The deals that take place at Van Phuc flea market mostly range from a couple of dollars to a few hundred bucks, but there are also giant investors who spend a few millions dollars to buy things they believe are beautiful, and rare.

As a result, many jacks of all trades come here and become professional treasure hunters; They’re here to hunt for an opportunity to change their lives. 

There was a high level of concentration on the faces of the treasure hunters. Their senses seem to be working at full capacity, to search, to hunt.

I have had the opportunity to walk through this market many times, and the series is the result of a 2014 effort to document the faces of modern day treasure hunters. Also an attempt to describe the characters of the Van Phuc flea market.

Enjoy the photos:

Nhà Săn Tìm – 1

Nhà Săn Tìm – 2

Nhà Săn Tìm – 3

Nhà Săn Tìm – 4

Nhà Săn Tìm – 5

Nhà Săn Tìm – 6

Nhà Săn Tìm – 7

Nhà Săn Tìm – 8

Nhà Săn Tìm – 10

Nhà Săn Tìm – 11

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