Goodman’s treasure P6: Unofficial photos of the opening

Hi folks,

The opening ceremony evening got me like crazy, yet I were still able to take a few photos because I carried my Xpro2 and Motorola.

So here go the unofficial event photos of the opening ceremony:

Noirfoto Group Show July edition 2020
Early visitors
Early visitors
My wife talks to Mrs Campioni – a certified conservator from Germany, one of our friends.
Family photo.
With friends.
With friends.
With friend.
With our friend.
With friend.

Til next time,


Goodman’s treasure – P5: Blockchain application in photography

In the recent years, the term “blockchain” could be very familiar to many. It’s the foundation of what is the world’s most well known crypto currency – Bitcoin. Blockchain data is not easy to be hacked, it has the most complicated and unpredictable data structure.

Therefore, blockchain data is also used in digital documents, and now, certificate of authenticity.

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Goodman’s treasure – P4: Exhibition invitation

Program “Noirfoto Group Show: A photographic assembly” July edition, from the 4th of July to the 8th of August 2020.

There will be 2 main events of the program and other activities.
The 2 main events including:
– Exhibition preview event, 26/6/2020 at Hoa Ta Space D7.
– Opening ceremony, 3/7/2020 at Noirfoto D2.

Exhibition duration: 4/7/2020 to 8/8/2020 at Noirfoto D2.
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Goodman’s treasure – P1: First introduction

Hi folks,

Firstly I would like to announce this is the first introduction of my coming soon project named Goodman’s treasure.

Goodman’s treasure is a very personal project of mine. A project that I have been working on silently, capturing moments when my state of mind could perceive magnificence in the ordinary. A mind state that I rarely can achieve. Whenever I have a camera in my hand, I would take a photo.

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