Collectors Portraits 2016

Hi folks,

In 2016, when it was the final term of my photography program at RMIT Melbourne, I chose to do a portrait project to use for my final portfolio. I chose the main theme of the portrait series to be about collectors. Perhaps the inspiration for this photo series was from my dad, who is an enthusiast of mechanical machinery, especially those for clocks. Currently, he owns hundreds of large and small mechanical clocks.

As a photography student, getting permission to take pictures is not too difficult for me. Although each collector lives in very remote and isolated areas.

Finally, after a few thousand kilometers, I got all the photos and interviews I wanted.

The only regret is that my teacher and I decided to not use this photo series for the final folio, instead a series about Nimbin town (to be explained in the future).

Therefore, for me, the collection of portraits of collectors is always in a state of … unfinished.

Anyway, enjoy the photos,

Jeff – collector of tractors, poses with his 100-year-old tractor.

The backyard of Jeff’s farm is a car graveyard, hundreds or even thousands of car wrecks lie here.

Gary – collector of mini cars

A corner of Gary’s garage, where he spends time restoring antique mini cars

Colin – car collector

A view of Colin’s garage

Bill – car collector

A view Bill’s antique car museum

Wayne – car collector

A view inside Wayne’s garage

David – car collector

Peter – radio collector

Lewis – musical instrument collector

Greg – guitar collector

Darien – collector of mini motor engines

Darien is also a book collector with a collection of more than 8,000 titles in his home.


Portrait of my parents with their collection

‘Til next time,