Goodman’s treasure – P1: First introduction

Hi folks,

Firstly I would like to announce this is the first introduction of my coming soon project named Goodman’s treasure.

Goodman’s treasure is a very personal project of mine. A project that I have been working on silently, capturing moments when my state of mind could perceive magnificence in the ordinary. A mind state that I rarely can achieve. Whenever I have a camera in my hand, I would take a photo.

At those moments I find myself is one with the surroundings. Every time I look at the images, that feeling flashes back. How precious!

(c) Danny Bach 2018

One of the lessons that contributed to the creation of this series was from one of my mentors, Dr. Michael Coyne.

He once said sometimes we are so engaged in what is happening at an event, the story shapes itself in our mind, makes us overly focused, forgets that we just need to take a few steps back, look around, we will uncover many special images behind that story.

Dr Michael Coyne and I (2013)

Indeed, it is true that there are times when I am too focused on capturing an event that I forget there are more, and I should step back to see new perspectives. Eventually, it shapes a new shooting habit.

Abiding by that philosophy, I always leave a small space in my head when I shoot. Dedicated to “backstage” moments. “Backstage” of a picnic or a good party or even simply the “backstage” of my life.

Gradually, the number of photographs increased. I gathered them into a collection. A wanna-be “goodman”s collection, his treasure.

This article is the beginning of a series of articles, in which I will introduce in detail the ideas, methods, forms of presentation and many other aspects in the process of perfecting a series of photos. 

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Til nextime,