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NIMBIN: home for the healing souls

Nimbin, home of the MardiGrass and the Nimbin Roots festival, is a healing retreat for the soul, located in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia.

Nimbin is also the home of counter culture and the original hippies, who arrived in the early 1970s. It is the place where the Australian HEMP Party was founded, one of the few political parties to support the re-legalisation of cannabis in Australia.

The ultimate objective of the HEMP Party is to explore and promote the use of the Cannabis genus in three categories: recreational, industrial and medicinal. The party operates out of the Hemp Embassy in Nimbin – a place to connect, brainstorm, collaborate with and educate people about medicinal cannabis, and promote products made from industrial hemp.

For the last few decades, Nimbin has been a destination and refuge for many Australians whose own hometowns have rejected them for their alternative views on life; a place the outcasts, the artists (Nimbin is home to many wonderful galleries), the pariahs and of course the stoners could call home. A hometown where they can live, work, love and be loved again.

This book shows the beauty of Nimbin aesthetically through photographs; it also tells the stories of the people who have dedicated their lives to learning about and helping promote the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Nimbin – a great place to become human again.