An ideal portrait photo shoot: Dinner at Michael Balderstone’s

Dear folks,

I would like to tell you about one of the most memorable portrait photo sessions in my photography career: It was a dinner at Michael Balderstone’s, excerpted from the photobook Nimbin – Home for the Healing Souls (2016).

Michael Balderstone is an unofficial leader of the town of Nimbin. He is also the chairman of the HEMP Party and the leader of the Hemp Embassy. During the day, Michael is often busy, with his bare feet moving around the town to deal with HEMP Party and Nimbin community affairs.

Outside of Hemp Embassy building.

I was invited by Michael to have dinner at his home. Michael’s house is located about 15 minutes’ drive from the center of Nimbin, one has to take a deep, winding road into the forest to get there. And so the story begins.

Michael shows me his land and garden.

Michael poses with his herbs.

Michael Balderstone

After finishing the tour, I started taking a portrait of Michael Balderstone – trial 1.

Trial 2 is set up inside, in the living room sofa area – the portrait photo is at the end of the article.

Turning back is Michael’s study area, in the picture, you can see him petting his dog.

A closer look at Michael’s study.

A memorial selfie.

Kitchen area.

A closer look at the kitchen area.

Dry storage area.

Preparing food for dinner.

Dinner time.

Intimate dinner with Michael, his wife, and some friends who were staying at his house.

After dinner was a conversation among friends.

Michael Balderstone

Portrait of Michael Balderstone, his wife, and the family dog.

And that was an ideal portrait session for me, a memorable day, a meaningful portrait. It is a process of giving and receiving, a harmonious connection in a short but close relationship between the photographer and the subject.

Til next time!