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S.H.A.M.E.: dealer or healer?

This is the story of Heather ‘Hippy Muso’ Gladman, one of many passionate Australian cannabis growers who are challenging laws that relate to the medical use of cannabis.

Heather lives in Victoria where she cultivates cannabis for medical use. She provides cannabis, free of charge, to people who are suffering a range of medical conditions. She shows them how to grow cannabis from seeds and teaches them how to make cannabis oil.

Heather believes that cannabis can be effective in relieving the symptoms of many conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, bowel cancer, Parkinson’s disease and bipolar disorder. She has seen chronic pain decrease, and quality of life improve, with the use of cannabis.

On the 15th February 2016, Heather’s home was raided by five police officers; she was arrested for possessing more than forty cannabis plants. She now faces criminal charges for cultivating cannabis— even though she provides it on compassionate grounds, at no cost, for people who are ill.

‘I have seen people sell possessions and take risks so they can afford to import cannabis illegally. They have one thing in common – they are trying to help a loved one who is suffering. The Australian government is working, very slowly, on the way to legalise medical cannabis. In the meantime, many Australians are left suffering and in pain every single day.’ Heather Gladman, 2016

Following her arrest, Heather decided to take a stand by going on a hunger strike. Her goal was to secure an amnesty for cannabis growers until safe, legal medicinal cannabis is available.